F A T    L O S S    M A S S A G E

How it works

Our fat loss massage includes: 

Step 1: RadioFrequency Massage to soften fat cells.

Step 2: Cavitation Massage to dissolve fat cells. 

Step 3: Vacuum RF Massage to expel fat acids, after fat dissolves. 

 Benefits of Radiofrequency Skin Tightening (Fat Loss Massage):

  • Diminishes and Removes Cellulite: Cellulites is a women-only skin issue commonly found around the buttocks and at the back of the thighs where we generally store our body fats. With the adipose tissue and fats as the cause of cellulite, the heat coming from the RF treatment diminishes the bulging of excess fatty tissues. This makes RF an amazingly effective treatment for cellulite.

  • Reduction of Body Fats: When it comes to the main problem of body fat, it is pretty similar to cellulite. With both issues the problem lies with the fatty tissues from beneath the skin’s superficial and lower layers. So how does it work? Well the resulting heat mechanism of the RF treatment causes some body fats to melt and be drained into the system. This produces results at par or equal to surgical means of losing body fats.

  • Skin Tightening: One of the best things about radio frequency is that is a non-invasive and non-surgical approach to skin tightening. Deep-seated soft tissues from under the skin are stimulated through RF. This facilitates healing through the production of new collagen tissues that are reactive towards the RF waves.


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